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Lathe Machine - CY6266B

1. The headstock, grer-box, apron and bedways are made of high quality casting iron, and are all casting with the resin sand foundry technology and aging process. The bed ways are induction-hardened, with hardness around HRC 55.

2. The spindle supported by 3-pointed high precision bearings and all gears in headstock are precisely grinded, the spindle turns smoothly at high speed. High rigidity spindle system, with absolute temperature riing no highter than 35°C.

3. Rapid feed system to improve efficiency. Wide range of feed and pitch are available without changing gears, distance between centers 1000-5000m, this lathe covers wide range of working pieces.

4. when rapid feeding is on, the tool slide longitudinal travel handwheel will be automatically disfunctioned.

5. Reliable safety devices such as footbrake and emergency power-off switch are assembled. Adjustable overload protection device is also installed in the feed system.

6. The tool post adopts the structure of ratchet pawl, and can be relocked by turning the level for just half a lap.

7. Tailstock are equipped with doublelocked mechanism, smooth and effortless movement is ensured by elastic scroll devices underneath.