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Model: GSG-1224AH

    1. Total downfeed depth up to 9.999mm


    1. Coarse downfeed increment up to 0.099mm per pass


    1. Fine downfeed depth up to 0.009mm total at 0.001mm per pass


    1. Spak out passes up to 9 times


    1. Automatic cycle can be paused for dressing at any time


    1. Selectable surface or plunge/slot grinding modes


    1. Automatic spindle advance to workpiece at job start


    1. Selectable automatic spindle refract at job completion


    1. Selectable automatic grinder/table power-off at job completion


    1. Spindle jogs up and down in 0.001mm or 0.010mm increments


    1. Spindle rapid traverses up and down


    1. Spindle position display with range of -999.999mm to +999.99mm


    1. Coordinate system reference point can be located anywhere


    1. Simple to learn, easy to use; no NC codes or programs


  1. High precision, high accuracy, high repeatablility