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Machine model: HA800U
Electrode wire used: Molybdenum wire

Machinery characteristics
1. Suitable for cutting various kinds of mould and components and various conductive metal moulds.
2. Industrial computer, machine electric and pulse power all in the controller and control by programming;
3. Mitsubishi AC drive and motor used on X/Y axis
4. Multi cut can achieve 4 cuts.
5. Remote control box convenient for operator;
6. Cross-table structure fixed on box-type machine body
7. High strength ductile cast iron with ribbing on the wall designed ensure rigidity
8. The cross-table consists with high precision ball screw and deceleration gear-box
9. It enhances the accuracy in long periods of operation

Technical specifications
Table dimension
A. Traverse (X): 370mm;
B. Longitudinal (Y): 550mm;
A. Traverse travel (X): 250mm;
B. Longitudinal travel (Y): 320mm;
Wire guide frame
A. Traverse travel (U): 35mm;
B. Longitudinal travel (V): 35mm;
C. Max. Taper cutting: ± 6° /50mm
D. Max. Thickness of workpiece: 300mm;
E. Hand wheel resolution (per round): 1mm;
F. Hand wheel resolution (per scale): 0.01mm;

Wire winding drum
A. Maximum travel: 180mm;
B. Diameter of wire: 0.13-0.25mm;
C. Max. Length of wire: 300m;

Dielectric fluid
A. Dielectric fluid: Saponified liquor
B. Tank capacity: 130L;
Cutting performance
A. Workpiece thickness: <300mm;
B. Max. Workpiece weight: 350Kg
C. Max. Machining current: 12A
D. Max. Cutting speed: ≥ 300mm2/min (thickness: 40~60mm);
E. Surface roughness: Ra≤ 0.6μ M (with speed >20mm2/min);
F. Finish accuracy: 0.01mm
Net weight: 2000kg (except the controller);
Dimensions of machine: 1400*1200*1970mm

CNC system
Taiwan high quality industrial computer
15' NEC industrial LCD
Large memory and wide range of machining parameters storage
Operating platform is Windows XPE.
Inside auto-programming
Communication: RS232, USB, LAN
Axis controlled: 4 simultaneous
Servo and driver

Machine type : HA800U
Worktable travel (L×W) : 1250× 800mm
Table travel(X× Y) : 630× 800mm
Max.workpiece thickness : 500mm
Max taper angle/height : ±6°/50mm
Accuracy : > 0.010
Finish roughness : > 0.6
Diameter of wire : 0.13~0.25mm
Load of table : 1200kg
Working Solution : Special for molybdenum wire cut