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Pneumatic Open Back Press With Dry Clutch And Hydraulic Overload Protector.

  • Welded body with steel plate and high intensity.
  • Main motor is made by Siemens.
  • Adopts combined pneumatic friction clutch and brake.
  • Cluster gear adopts the flooding oil lubrication.
  • Six-face rectangle lengthen guide; JH21-315B/400B adopts eight-face lengthen guide way.
  • Equipped with hydraulic overload protecting device.
  • JF21-25/25B/45 adopts manual shut height adjustment, among these types JF21-25/45 adopts scale display and JF21-25B with digital display.
  • JF21-63 and above type adopts electric shut height adjustment with digital display.
  • JH21-45 can equip with die set height adjustment motor, the value will be displayed by digital.
  • JF21-25B, JF21-45 and above type equipped with lifting balance cylinder.
  • Duplex valves imported.
  • Electric compelling grease lubrication system.
  • Balancing cylinder adopts manual lubrication system.
  • One set of blowing device.
  • Controlled by PLC with international brand.
  • Buttons, indicators, AC contactors, air circuit breakers and other controlling devices are imported from international brand.
  • Equipped with optional air cushion device, automatic feed shaft and photoelectric protector, which can used to work with various automatic equipments.

Capacity : 1600kN
Nominal Stroke : 6mm
Slide Stroke : 160mm
Max. Die Height : 350mm
Die Height Adjustment : 110mm
Between Slide Center & Frame : 380mm
Bolster (FB×LR) : 740×1300mm
Bolster Opening (Up Hole Dia.×Dpth×Low Hole Dia.) : φ300×50×φ260 mm
Bolster Thickness : 150mm
Bolster Opening (Dia./FB×LR) : φ470mm
Slide Area (FB×LR) : 580×770 mm
Shank Hole (Dia.×Dpth) : φ65×85 mm
Between Columns : 850 mm
Net Weight : 14500kg