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3180h is a general precision gear hob machine,it is inspected according to National Standards GB8064-87Gear hobbing machine precision standard before it ex-plant. In general condition, its machining precision can reach 7 class precision regulated by National Standards GB10095 Involute Cylinder gear precision.

The machine is applied for multiple batch production, small batch production and Single part production for cylinder gear, and worm gear.

  1. Raised height of vertical column and increased stroke effectively expand the working range.
  2. Mechanism with electric tool leap allows longer hob and greatly increases service life of the cutting tool .
  3. Worm gear of a high precision over five grade features long service life and steady accuracy.
  4. Traditional bearings along the hobs are replaced with rolling bearings to enable greater speed of the tools.
  5. External support of the small column tailstock adopts the hinge structure and can be easily opened outward, convenient to hang components of large diameters.